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Vitamin D Food Sources

Vitamin D Food Sources
The dietary requirement of vitamin D depends on the amount of vitamin synthesized by the solar radiation of the skin. This in turn depends on the age and degree of pigmentation of the skin, among other factors. Some experts recommend higher vitamin D supplementation, while remaining well below the maximum tolerable consumption level (UL) of 2000 IU per day. These experts recommend an additional 200 IU of AI, both from fortified foods and from supplements. These higher levels can help reduce the risk of osteoporosis and cancer

There is no RDA for vitamin D. Instead, there is an adequate daily intake (AI). Artificial intelligence for all children under 50 is 200 IU (5 mcg). Adults aged 51 to 70 have an artificial intelligence of 400 IU (10 mcg) and for people over 70 the AI ​​is 600 IU (15 mcg). These quantities are determined assuming that there is no vitamin D produced by sunlight. AI is configured to prevent rickets and osteomalacia

Is Vitamin D a Vitamin or Hormone?

Vitamin D is not a vitamin in the strict definition because it can be produced by exposing the skin to sunlight. Therefore, humans do not have a dietary requirement for vitamin D when enough sunlight is available. However, nutritional vitamin D becomes essential when there is insufficient sunlight to meet daily needs. This has become particularly acute as more people live in urban centers where they are exposed to suboptimal levels of sunlight

The activity of vitamin D in the human diet is mainly provided by vitamin D and its immediate metabolite, 25 (OH) D. The percentage of vitamin D obtained from the diet is normally very small compared to that synthesized in the skin in response to sunlight . The richest natural sources of vitamin D3 (Vitamin D Food sources) are fish liver oils, especially halibut liver oil. Oily fish, such as herring, sardines, sardines and tuna, are rich sources of natural foods (they contain from 200 to 600 IU of vitamin D per 100 grams); Small amounts of vitamin are found in mammalian liver, eggs and dairy products

Cereals, vegetables and fruits do not contain vitamin D, while meat, poultry and white fish provide negligible quantities. The concentration of vitamin D3 in milk shows a seasonal variation, related to the amount of sunlight available for the biogenesis of vitamin D in the cow. Milk also contains vitamin D2, but at lower concentrations than vitamin D3. Vitamer D2 is derived from the UV irradiation of ergosterol in sun-dried green fodder (hay); Ergosterol cannot be converted by the animal into vitamin D2

Vitamin D content of non-fortified foods

Food source Vitamin D (IU / 100 g)
  • Beef steak 13
  • Beetroot leaves 0.2
  • Butter 35
  • Cabbage 0.2
  • Cheese 12
  • Cod 85
  • Cod liver oil 10,000
  • Corn seed oil 9
  • Cream 50
  • Egg yolk 25
  • Herring (canned) 330
  • Herring liver oil 140.000
  • Beef (raw) 8–40
  • Veal (raw) 0–15
  • Pork (raw) 40
  • Chicken (raw) 50–65
  • Lamb (raw) 20
  • Mackerel 120
  • Cow (100 ml) 0.3–4
  • Human (100 ml) 0-10
  • Salmon (canned) 220–440
  • Sardines (canned) 1500
  • Shrimp 1150
  • Spinach 0.2

Staging of vitamin D deficiency

The following stages of vitamin D deficiency have been proposed :

• Mild vitamin D deficiency when serum 25 (OH) D is between 25 and 50 nmol / L
• Moderate vitamin D deficiency when serum 25 (OH) D is between 12.5 and 25 nmol / L
• Severe vitamin D deficiency when serum 25 (OH) D is less than 12.5 nmol / L

Corresponding increases in serum PTH are 15% with mild vitamin D deficiency, between 15 and 30% for moderate deficiency and an increase of more than 30% with vitamin D deficiency. Limitations for assessing the point Normal serum breakdown 25 (OH) D is the moderate comparability of tests for 25 (OH) D and the different dietary calcium intakes; In addition, other determinants of serum PTH levels include kidney function, estrogen status and diuretics


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